Bot Land Monetization


A lot of people have been asking about how Bot Land will be monetized and what you can purchase in the game given that it’s free-to-play. This was last updated on Wed 01/23/2019.


When designing the monetization for Bot Land, I had two things in mind:

  1. The game should not be pay-to-win.
  2. You shouldn’t have to spend money just to play the game.

What you can buy in Bot Land: salvage packs

Salvage packs only contain cosmetic items. In each salvage pack, you’ll get a head piece, a torso piece, and a foot piece. The rarities of each will be determined randomly (although there will probably be a guarantee that you get at least an “uncommon” item).

You do not benefit from having duplicate cosmetic items.

You can sell cosmetic items (even non-duplicates) to get Botcoin, which you can then use to purchase anything else in the game.